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SB Acoustics SB29NRX75-6 10'' Norex Hard Paper Cone Woofer

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SB Acoustics SB29NRX75-6 10'' Norex Hard Paper Cone Woofer


  • Hard paper cone for improved piston operation (made in-house)
  • Vented pole piece for minimum compression
  • Vented cast aluminum chassis for optimum strength and low compression
  • 3″ copper voice coil for improved power handling
  • Long life silver lead wires
  • Low damping rubber surround for improved dynamic linearity
  • Non-conducting fiber glass voice coil former for minimum damping


  • Nominal Impedance 6 ?
  • DC resistance, Re 4.2 ?
  • Voice coil inductance, Le 1.8 mH
  • Effective piston area, Sd 312 cm2
  • Voice coil diameter 75.6 mm
  • Voice coil height 28 mm
  • Air gap height 6 mm
  • Linear coil travel (p-p) 22 mm
  • Magnetic flux density 0.9 T
  • Magnet weight 2.1 kg
  • Net weight 5.30 kg
  • Free air resonance, Fs 21 Hz
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 88 dB
  • Mechanical Q-factor, Qms 5.7
  • Electrical Q-factor, Qes 0.38
  • Total Q-factor, Qts 0.35
  • Moving mass incl. air,Mms 78 g
  • Force factor, Bl 10.7 Tm
  • Equivalent volume, Vas 102 liters
  • Compliance, Cms 0.74 mm/N
  • Mechanical loss, Rms 1.8 kg/s
  • Rated power handling* 200 W

* IEC 268-5, T/S parameters measured on drive units that are broken in.

Customer Reviews

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My favourite paper cone large woofer

This driver is perfect for deep bass in domestic high-end systems. It has the power to take active equalisation and deliver bass extension. It also has the T/S parameters to allow a modest sized sealed box to deliver really deep bass. The build quality is superb, like with all SB34NRX and SB29NRX drivers. The cast metal frame and wide rubber surround are great to allow high excursion without any distortion or power handling problem. I find this driver ideal for a lot of 3-way designs mated with a lot of different high quality mids. I'm using this with a Satori MR13.