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SB Acoustics SB23NBACS45-4 8'' Black Aluminum Cone Woofer

SB Acoustics SB23NBACS45-4 8'' Black Aluminum Cone Woofer

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  • Soft low damping rubber surround for improved transient response
  • Geometrically reinforced aluminium cone for improved break-up control
  • Shorting ring in motor system for reduced distortion
  • Vented pole piece for reduced compression
  • Vented cast aluminium chassis for optimum strength and low compression
  • Shallow design
  • Non-conducting fibre glass voice coil former for minimum damping
  • CCAW voice coil for reduced moving mass
  • Long life silver lead wires


  • Nominal Impedance 4 Ω
  • DC resistance, Re 3.3 Ω
  • Voice coil inductance, Le 0.27 mH
  • Effective piston area, Sd 216 cm2
  • Voice coil diameter 45.5 mm
  • Voice coil height 19 mm
  • Air gap height 6 mm
  • Linear coil travel (p-p) 13 mm
  • Magnetic flux density 0.86 T
  • Magnet weight 0.8 kg
  • Net weight 2.7 kg
  • Free air resonance, Fs 23 Hz
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 90 dB
  • Mechanical Q-factor, Qms 5.4
  • Electrical Q-factor, Qes 0.35
  • Total Q-factor, Qts 0.33
  • Moving mass incl. air,Mms 32 g
  • Force factor, Bl 6.7 Tm
  • Equivalent volume, Vas 95 liters
  • Compliance, Cms 1.45 mm/N
  • Mechanical loss, Rms 0.9 kg/s
  • Rated power handling* 60 W

* IEC 268-5, T/S parameters measured on drive units that are broken in.

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