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SB Acoustics Bromo 2 Way Bookshelf Speaker Kit - Pair

SB Acoustics Bromo 2 Way Bookshelf Speaker Kit - Pair

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Bromo is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia and the name Bromo is derived from The Hindu creator of God. The aspirations of this speaker are clearly set very high.


It is a 2-way ported compact speaker whowcasing hard cone material diaphragms. The drivers are known for very high performance, low distortion and unique price-performance ratio. The NBAC (aluminum) midwoofers and CAC (ceramic) woofers can both be used with the same crossover designed for this speaker. The tweeter ADC (aluminum) and CDC (ceramic) are also interchangeable. Though the specifications are similar, both setups are audibly different. The ceramic diaphragm drivers adds a step up in clarity to most ears.


This is a hard cone/dome speaker but without the typical ‘issues’ as audible breakups of the mid-woofer and the tweeter never get too harsh on the ears. This SB Acoustics developed speaker lowers coloration through a braced cabinet with minimized and evenly distributed vibrations of the MDF panels. The speaker is nicely detailed and more ‘punchy’ than that was expected from this cabinet size. The speakers were showcased at the Axpona Show 2019 in Chicago and received overwhelming positive feedback.

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