Jantzen Audio 47uF 400V MKP Crosscap Capacitor

Jantzen Audio

Jantzen Audio 47uF 400V Crosscap Capacitor

Jantzen Audio CrossCaps are built from ultra-high-quality Finnish metallized film and provide superb sonic accuracy and detail for any audio application. Their outstanding electrical properties and 5% tolerance deliver the consistency and long-term reliability that you would expect from a premium polypropylene capacitor. 400 VDC rating is excellent for crossover networks, allowing the capacitors to flawlessly handle large current peaks without distortion. Also great for circuit or line-level applications.

Product Specifications
Brand Jantzen Audio
Capacitance 47 uF
Voltage Rating 400V
Tolerance 5%
Dimensions 44 mm Dia. x 56 mm L