Jantzen Audio 2-1/2'' ID x 8.7'' L ( 68 / 220mm ) - Flared Port Tube

Jantzen Audio

Jantzen Audio 2-1/2'' ID x 8.7'' L (68 / 220mm) - Flared Port Tube

Premium quality flared port tube for high output woofer and subwoofer speaker designs. The carefully engineered flaring reduces turbulence when the port is driven to very high air velocities—minimized airflow disruption results in less noise, lower distortion, and increased low-frequency output. Attractive matte black finish; plastic construction. The large circular front opening may be cut with a jigsaw, or a circle cutting tool like the Router Buddy or Jasper Circle Jig.

Product Specifications
Brand Jantzen Audio
Inner diameter 68mm
Length 220mm
Colour Black