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Audiofy 48'' Polyfill Speaker Cabinet Sound Damping - 1000gsm

Audiofy 48'' Polyfill Speaker Cabinet Sound Damping - 1000gsm

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Audiofy Polyfill is a synthetic material made from crimped fibers, is an excellent choice for filling or stuffing small enclosures or transmission line cabinets. Long fiber wool has been a favourite among serious speaker builders but Polyfill is less expensive than long fiber wool and does not have the problem of harboring moths. Polyfill also outperforms Dacron, Foam, and Fiberglass.

Sheet thickness approximately 50mm and Grams per Square Meter (GSM): 1000

Sold in feet and width is 48'' constant for easy ordering


  • Higher performance than natural fibers, easier to use than fiberglass
  • Improves bass, tightens midrange, increases dynamics
  • Super-stable, won't decompose, doesn't attract insects
  • No mask or gloves required!


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