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Audiofy 2.5 cu. ft Subwoofer Cabinet

Audiofy 2.5 cu. ft Subwoofer Cabinet

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Even the easiest DIY subwoofer can turn into an difficult project; from uneven cuts, to measuring mistakes. Our audiofy CNC cabinet panels make it easy for the beginner to end up with amazing finished results without all of the time and effort necessary to perfect your woodworking skills. This cabinet is designed for speaker builders and designers who don't have access to expensive tools or a woodshop.


  • Sides and back Panel thickness: 18mm
  • Front baffle thickness: 25mm
  • Panel material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • Finished net cabinet volume (subtracting the double thick baffle, bracing, and subwoofer volume): 2.5 cubic feet

Note: Any customization in the cabinet like subwoofer dimensions, cabinet dimensions, flush mount thickness, Back panel terminal or plate amplifier groove etc.

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