Custom Speaker Cabinets

Custom CNC Speaker Cabinets

We are offering custom CNC speaker cabinets with wide range of finishes at our own new speaker cabinet factory with latest taiwanese and japanese machinery.

Share your cabinet dimensions for quote at +91 9542 881888

Steps in Cabinet Manufacturing

  1. Getting Speaker Cabinet Dimensions & Material to be used from customer
  2. Making Sketch of Cabinet and Giving Quote
  3. Creating CNC file
  4. Grooving & Cutting on CNC Machinery
  5. Assembling the Cabinet
  6. Sanding flat
  7. Applying Epoxy Primer
  8. Sanding to block Primer
  9. Filling gaps & Sanding
  10. Applying Base coat
  11. Wet sanding
  12. Final Coat + Polish

Available Cabinet Materials

  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
  • HDF (High Density Fiberboard)
  • Birch ply
  • Teak Wood (Mosaic)

Available in 

 cnc speaker cabinet cut panelsCut Panels - All cabinet Panels will be CNC cut for Precision 

cnc Assembled speaker cabinetAssembled Cabinet - Without Finish

 Only Front Panels - Only Front Baffle Assembled + Finished Cabinet - With Selected Cabinet Finish

Available Cabinet Finishes

  • Matt Finish (Colour Can Be selected)
  • Glossy Finish (Colour Can Be selected
  • Texture Finish (Only Black)
  • Premium Texture Finish (Only Grey)