SB Acoustics Profile

SB Acoustics Profile

Shravanth VangaApr 11, '20

Sinar Baja Electric (SB Acoustics) is a complete speaker manufacturer facility, a group of vertically integrated companies serving an impressive number of OEM companies all over the world. the company is in Surabaya, Indonesia. SB Acoustics speaker drivers brand into a worldwide reference, designed in Denmark, manufactured in Indonesia.

Company Overview:

  • Established in 1981, in Surabaya-East Java, Indonesia
  • Founder and Chairman: Hendro Sunjoto
  • Managing Director: Elly Sunjoto
  • Factory Area: 50,000 m2 (12.35 Acres)
  • Employees: 980 persons (Feb 2019)
  • Production Capacity: 12M pcs / year 
  • Products:  Transducers (1-21”) for all speaker driver purposes
  • Sales Market: 33.5% OEM/ODM and 66.5 % own brand, with customer, varies from OEM and ODM for Automotive, Hi-Fi, Hi-End Audio, Pro Audio
  • Export Destination: Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, India

Main Customers in Hi-End Audio, Hi-Fi & Lifestyle Audio

Main Customers in Hi-End Audio, Hi-Fi & Lifestyle Audio

Main Customers in Professional Audio & Musical Instrument

SB Professional Audio & Musical Instrument

Main Customers in Automotive

Main Customers in Automotive

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